5 Tips For Keeping Your Independence In Your Golden Years

Are you a senior citizen and wanting to stay on your own as long as possible? Here are some tips to help you maintain your independence:

1. Sign up for at home healthcare

Your relatives probably worry about your ability to perform essential tasks such as bathing and cooking. Home care assistance from a company like Always Dependable will relieve their fears and stop the suggestions that you move into an assisted care facility. If you feel like you don't need any outside aid, approach it from a different point of view. Look at your home care attendant as someone setting up your own personal spa at home and enjoy the bathing experience. Someone preparing your meals should be viewed as a treat and indulgence, giving you time off from working over a hot stove.

2. Don't assume all physical problems are due to aging

Some seniors wake up feeling stiff and assume nothing can be done about it. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms to make sure that they rule out all causes of your issues. Also, ask your doctor to sign you up for physical therapy, so that you can learn exercises that will help you to maintain your mobility. 

3. Don't be embarrassed to use adaptive equipment

It's no shame to admit that your body doesn't work like it did when you were 21. Realize that your diminishing physical capabilities do not mean that your value as a person is diminishing. Conquering your limitations with specialized products can help you feel more accomplished and less dependent. For example, eating utensils with large handles are easy for arthritic hands to grip and enable people to feed themselves without assistance. Drinking cups with a cutout for the nose allow you to drink without tilting your head back or having someone else hold the cup. 

4. Exercise within your limitations 

Physical activity can contribute to your overall health and improve your mental state. Visit a local mall and do a few laps around the stores. Sign up for swim exercises at your local YMCA. Join an aerobics class for seniors at your local community center. Ask your doctor if they know of any exercise programs in the area geared towards your age group.

5. Remember your emotional needs

Don't live in loneliness. If you're a member of a religion, attend services when possible. If you admire a local charity, call them and offer to help out. Sign up to learn a new hobby at your local craft store. Most important of all, recognize that depression can happen at any age. If you feel like you are experiencing sadness, despair or despondency, your doctor or an appropriate social service agency can help you deal with your feelings. 

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