Heart-Healthy Recommendations For A Healthy And Enjoyable Holiday Gathering

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease or have been told that you have a high risk of developing heart disease, you likely know that there are several things you need to consider when it comes to dietary concerns. Perhaps you do well when you prepare your own meals, but you may find it difficult to dine out or have dinner with family and friends outside of your home. This can make it difficult to enjoy special occasions such as holiday dinners. The following information can help you to protect your health, and you may even help someone else make better food choices at these events too.

Avoid adding ingredients to dishes that are already prepared. 

Some people instinctively add salt and sugar to foods and beverages prior to tasting them. Perhaps this is a habit that you have. Try to break it at your next dinner engagement. Take time to taste the food before adding things such as butter, sugar, and salt, which can all impact heart health. 

Prepare your own flavorful dishes while paying attention to fat-free options when possible.

If you have learned how to prepare your own nutritious meals, it is ideal to take some of your own dishes to potluck events. This will give others a chance to explore healthier options. Do not give in to the temptation to splurge on salt, sugar, or butter, just because it is a special occasion. This type of thinking can quickly lead you back to making unhealthy food choices. 

Remove skin from meats prior to consuming or cooking.  

The skin on meats is usually a source of fat. You can opt to buy meats that already have the skin removed. You might also want to remove the skin with a knife yourself prior to cooking. This might save you a few dollars on the cost of the meat because some stores charge extra to remove the skin from meats. There are people who prefer to remove the skin after cooking. Be mindful that this will result in added fat in your meat dishes, but removing the skin after cooking will ensure that no one attempts to consume the fatty source. 

Get active afterward. 

Plan to abandon the common urge of sitting after a holiday meal. You can ensure you and others get active by taking a walk after the meal. You can also plan to have games played that involve physical activity rather than board games or other stationary activities. 

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