A Guide To Dental Implants For Your Aging Parents

Whether one or both of your parents have had dentures for years or their tooth loss has only occurred in recent years,  it is not unusual to assume that dentures are the only tooth replacement options. Fortunately, the technology associated with dental implants has significantly improved in recent years and it has allowed many older people to avoid the slippage, inconvenience and other challenges associated with dentures. When you want your parents to enjoy their golden years with as much comfort and ease as possible, it is a good idea to discuss the option of dental implants with them.   

The Surrounding Teeth Do Not Need Alteration When Implants Are Being Used

If your mom or dad has not lost most or all of their teeth, the use of dentures can actually become the use of a partial. The partial is simply a removable plate that has false teeth attached to it, and its use has proven irksome to some users. It often requires the use of nearby healthy teeth for successful attachment while in use, and it can be difficult to adjust to its presence. 

In comparison, implants are permanent and use the titanium rod that functions as an artificial root. As little as one new tooth and up to four connects to that rod. That means that surrounding teeth are never tasked with bracing, supporting or otherwise assisting the use of a new tooth.       

When Your Parents Want To Keep The Dentures They Have . . .  But Just Want them To Be Easier To Use

If your parents got their dentures many years ago and cannot imagine doing otherwise at this point in their lives, but you are saddened by the slippage they get when trying to eat certain foods, it is important to note that implants can be used to better secure the dentures. In this instance, the dental implants will function as an anchor for the dentures. When they click into place with the use of implants, the dentures will not move until and unless your mom or dad wants them to.

Since one of the more common reasons for dentures to fit too loosely is the reduced jaw strength that accompanies the use of those false teeth, you can expect the slippage to continue in the future unless adjustments are regularly provided by the dentist...or the teeth are otherwise secured. Therefore, it is easy to see the benefits of combining dental implants and implant technology to secure dentures for older people who prefer the convenience of being able to remove their teeth as necessary.           

In conclusion, the subject of tooth loss can be a challenging one to bring up with your parents and it is all too easy to assume that dentures are the best way to restore the appearance of good dental health. Instead of covering up tooth loss with false teeth that can lead to new health concerns, the dental replacement option of dental implants is a viable option that deserves consideration. For more information, contact a business such as Oral Surgery Center.

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