Gotta Go But Can't—Is It A Sign Of Prostate Problems?

You feel the urge to urinate, so you head to the toilet and assume the usual position. Unfortunately, the urine just doesn't want to flow like it normally does. As a man who has been standing and peeing almost his entire life, this kind of problem is definitely enough to cause some disconcert. In some situations, difficulty with urination can be a telltale indication that something serious is happening in the male body. For example, difficulties with urination can be a sign of prostate cancer. Before you worry yourself into an assumed diagnosis because you just can't go or can't pee as usual, check out some of the true indicators of prostate cancer. 

You need to go more often but there is less urine involved. 

Because the prostate is seated against the bladder and urinary tract, if it is enlarged, your bladder will hold far less urine than it normally will. This will make you feel like you have to urinate far more frequently than what you are used to. You may find yourself making trips to the john in the middle of the night or having to stop at gas stations on long drives. In addition, when you do make it to a bathroom to relieve the frequently pressing urge to go, you may pee less in volume than what seems normal. 

You have a hard time peeing while standing up. 

As a dude, being able to pee while standing is a bit of a bragging right; something you can do that half of the population of a different gender cannot. So if you run into problems peeing while standing up but you can relieve yourself if you sit instead, it is definitely a little disheartening. While this is not a surefire sign of prostate cancer, it is a sign that your prostate is enlarged and cutting the flow of urine from your bladder and through your urethra. Therefore, you have ample reasons to make an appointment with your doc to see what's happening.

Your urine stream is interrupted and hard to keep going. 

Urinating should almost come as an involuntary thing. Sure, you may have to try a little to get the stream started but once you do, things should flow smoothly as a man. If you are having to really work at it to keep the urine stream coming without interruption, it can be a sign of prostate trouble. Just as a swollen prostate can cause problems with peeing while standing, it can also interrupt the flow just enough that you have to put effort into pushing the urine out. 

To learn more about prostate cancer systems, consult with your doctor.

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