How Parents Can Avoid Circumcision When Their Son Suffers From Phimosis And Eczema

Eczema and phimosis are two common co-occurring disorders that often force parents to make a tough decision — to circumcise their son or not. Parents who do not circumcise their sons usually have a reason for this step and may be very reluctant to change their minds. Thankfully, other treatment methods are available for boys in this situation.

Boys With Eczema May Get Phimosis

Eczema is one of those skin conditions that can spread rapidly and cause unexpected issues in many people. For example, young boys with uncircumcised penises may find that their eczema causes a condition known as phimosis. This condition refers to what happens when the foreskin of the penis sticks to the head and refuses to move, a problem that can be quite painful in many boys.

And when combined with eczema, phimosis can be a very painful situation that parents may find hard to manage in their children. The frustrating part about this situation is that parents may find doctors are trying to persuade them to circumcise or partially circumcise their son, and they don't want to take this step if they can avoid it. Thankfully, there are treatment methods available beyond this step.

Curing and Treating This Problem

The most common conservative treatment for phimosis is the use of a steroid cream. This treatment method places this cream directly on the foreskin and massages it into the area to loosen up the skin. In most boys with eczema, this should help manage this problem by loosing up the tight skin and providing some relief for the pain that these co-occurring conditions may trigger.

However, others may need other types of care methods, such as carefully removing the skin from the head without cutting it off of the penis. Once this skin is loose, the boy and his parents must make sure to keep the foreskin stretched and flexible in any way possible. In most situations, this requires a few careful physical therapy exercises that are quite simple to perform.

Researchers are attempting to find a cure that makes this problem less persistent and problematic, ensuring that more boys are safe from it affecting their overall health. Though this research is quite promising, the implementation of these steps is not yet available in most areas, though trials may be available for some boys suffering from eczema and phimosis.

For more information on a phimosis cure, contact a local health professional.

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