6 Reasons To Consider A Virtual Doctor Visit

A virtual doctor visit involves working with a physician over the internet. For example, you might use a phone app so you can converse with a doctor about a problem. Understandably, some folks aren't sure if they should try a virtual doctor visit. If you're looking into the possibility, here are 6 reasons why you should consider it.

Quick Appointments

Generally, the virtual format makes it easier to get an appointment. If you're having a hard time scheduling an appointment within a reasonable time frame, you might want to arrange a virtual doctor visit. Even if you have a minor problem, it can be nice to cut down the time to get an appointment.


Similarly, finding available doctors can be a challenge, especially at peak times of the year, such as flu season. Many doctors just can't get patients in when there is a huge rush. A virtual doctor visit may allow you to find an available physician during these more competitive periods.

The same applies to regions where there just aren't many doctors. If you live in a rural area, you might want to go virtual to get better all-year access to a general practitioner.

Access to Specialists

Finding specialists can be even more challenging. This is particularly true if you're looking for a specialist in a fairly rare field. Most virtual doctor visit apps offer access to a wide range of specialists. If you can't get an in-person appointment with a specialist, you may be able to get a virtual one. 

Second Opinion

Anyone who has a general practitioner (GP) they like should still consider seeking second opinions. One major advantage of a virtual doctor visit is it allows you to find a second opinion quickly. Likewise, the virtual doctor is going to look at your medical history with a fresh set of eyes. This can allow them to assess you're GP's opinion with less bias.


Especially if you don't have insurance, keeping the cost down can be a big deal. The virtual approach tends to minimize overhead, and many virtual service providers pass those savings on to their patients.

 Location Independence

Many people move around for work and travel reasons. It can be nice to establish a relationship with doctors on an app without the need to go to their office. Regardless of where you're at, you can always connect with them quickly.

Contact a doctor's office to learn more about virtual doctor visits

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