3 Reasons To Visit An Eye Doctor After A Minor Eye Injury

Whether a piece of foreign matter scratches your eye or the full eye sustains a traumatic blow, a lot of people don't visit an eye doctor for treatment right away. However, injuries to the eye should always be handled with care. The eye is a sensitive organ and obviously a highly valuable part of your ability to function. Injuries that affect the eye have the potential to lead to negative consequences that could otherwise be avoided with prompt treatment. Therefore, it is important to see an optometrist as quickly as possible after an eye injury. Take a look at a few reasons to visit an eye doctor for an evaluation after an injury that affects the eye. 

You can develop an infection that affects your vision 

Infections are a possibility any time the eye, eyelid, or areas around the eye sustain an abrasion. For example, if you get a small piece of rock in your eye and it scratches your cornea, this opening can get infected if bacteria enter the area. Eye infections, especially those that impact the internal structures, can be a threat to your vision. In the most severe cases, something like a corneal infection could cause irreversible damage to the cells and parts of the eye that allow you to see clearly. 

You can develop permanent scarring of the eyelid or eye 

Scarring of the tissue that makes up the clear lens of the eye can cause disruption in your field of vision. Scarring that affects your eyelid can actually affect things like how you blink or how well your eyes are protected by your eyelashes. Whether you have a severe cut that only affects an area of your eyelid or you have sustained damage to your eye's corneal surface, it is important to see an eye doctor. The doctor will evaluate the situation and offer treatments that ensure the areas heal properly to prevent scarring as much as possible. 

You can experience corneal defects after blunt trauma 

Corneal surface defects change how the eye bends light when it enters the eye, which can make it harder for you to see. A sudden impact on the eye can lead to a corneal defect after a globe rupture caused by extensive intraocular pressure due to a direct hit. For example, if you are hit in the eye with a blunt object, this could put so much strain on the globe that the cornea or other structures actually burst, which causes a permanent corneal defect. Visiting an eye doctor may minimize the damage as much as possible. Contact an eye doctor for more information. 

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